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Tärnsjö leather belt - wide
Tärnsjö leather belt - wide

Tärnsjö leather belt - wide

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Wide waist belt in leather from 

Swedish Tannery Tärnsjö

This vegetable tanned leather product is made by Swedish tannery Tärnsjö. With care and proper maintenance, it will age naturally, develop a beautiful patina and last for generations. 

Made in Sweden

Material: 100% Leather

Color: Brown

Total length 100 cm / 10 holes

Adjustable: 68cm / 91cm

Storage: Exposure to sunlight will change the color tone of vegetable tanned leather pieces. Warm and dry air will dry out the leather it if is not regularly treated.

Cleaning: We recommend using Leather Master protection cream, Tip-Top leather balm or a similar natural beeswax, lanolin or coconut fat to protect and condition the leather. Any stains can be cleaned with mild products such as Leather Master soft cleaner and Tip-Top leather soap. Always test any product on a small area of the leather before applying it to the entire item.