AF AGGER is proud to be supporting the United Nations' Sustainable Development GOALS 2030; in particular #12: ‘Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.’ Or in more common terms: Doing more and better with less.

After twenty years of working in different areas of the fashion industry, Kathrine Agger, came to the conclusion that there had to be an alternative to the loud, fast-paced global consumerism. The answer was simple: do the opposite.

By slowing down and producing fewer pieces as close to home as possible, air miles are reduced and each garment refined. We believe that sustainability is when things are made to last, because acquiring quality garments means that you need less of them.

Our daily mantra lies in the obsession with meticulous craftsmanship, perfection of cuts, the finest materials, attention to detail and ethical labour practices. All our products are handmade by people who are second generation artisans working in their field.

By using environmentally friendly and un-mixed fibres, as well as sourcing all of our fabrics as close to home as possible, we strive towards leaving the smallest possible footprint on the planet. 

We hope that you will help tell our story and take part in the world-wide movement.