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Klippan Blanket
Klippan Blanket
Klippan Blanket

Klippan Blanket

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Blanket made of left over Klippan fabrics from the Spring Summer 2024 collection

This boiled wool garment is made by Klippan at their Latvian mill. Klippan has been spinning and weaving wool since 1879. Boiling the wool pre-shrinks the material and creates a wonderfully dense, soft structure that is not only wind resistant, insulating and water repellent, but also robust and extremely durable.

Measurements: 200 cm x 120 cm 

Made in Lithuania

Fabric: 100% wool from Klippan in Letland/Sweden

Color: Beige with burgundy thread

Cleaning: Wool has excellent self-cleaning and dirt-repellent qualities due to its natural oil content. To refresh, simply air the garment outside or steam it. We recommend removing and marks using our garment brush, a damp sponge or dry cleaning.