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Toki tank top
Toki tank top
Toki tank top
Toki tank top

Toki tank top

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Toki tank top in heavy rib jersey.

This garment is made in Europe from knitwear fabric by Japanese craftsmanship knitters Toki. The Toki mill specialises in sustainable knit textures with a distinctly unique structure, often created from uneven yarns on rare vintage knitting machines.

Fabric: 100% Japanese cotton 

Color: Grey

Onesize: (36-38)

Storage: We recommend that you keep your garment on a hanger when not in use to prolong its life.

Cleaning: The garment is machine washable at 30 degrees but may shrink a little from washing. Wash with similar colors and please nota that dark colors will fade with washing. Dark colors can transfer to other clothes when wet. Please do not soak or tumble dry.