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Canvas sun skirt
Canvas sun skirt
Canvas sun skirt
Canvas sun skirt

Canvas sun skirt

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Canvas sun skirt with belt and side pockets.

This garment is made from superior cotton. It has been finely spun and woven in Italy by textile manufacturers Destro according to classic chino techniques to achieve an original rich and densely threaded look and feel. The fabric has been produced to order to avoid overproduction. 

100% Italian cotton from Destro

Made in Lithuania 

Size 1 (36/38), size 2 (38/40), size 3 (40/42)

Models height is 176cm and is wearing size 1

Storage: We recommend that you keep you garment on a hanger when not in use to avoid creasing and prolong its life.

Cleaning: The fabric has been pre-washed to prevent shrinkage. We recommend dry cleaning. Alternatively, spot cleaning by hand og machine wash at 30 degrees inside out. Do not tumble dry. Iron on a cotton setting.