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Linen vest
Linen vest
Linen vest
Linen vest

Linen vest

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Linen suit vest with a 4 button closure and strap detail in the back. Based on mens suit vest. 

This piece is made from linen, a natural fibre derived from flax plants. It has been grown, spun, woven and sewn in Europe from the highest quality linen comprised of extra-long fibres. Linen is a very strong fibre that is ideal for long-lasting garments. It has temperature-regulating properties, which means it is breathable in warm weather and retains heat in colder climates. 

Fabric: 100% linen and 100% cotton poplin inside. 

Made in Lithuania

Color: Black (black inside)

Size 1 (equals 36/38) size 2 (equals 38/40)

Model's height is 176 cm and wearing size 1

Storage: We recommend that you keep your garment on a hanger when not in use to avoid creasing and to prolong the life of your garment. 

Cleaning: You can steam or iron your garment at high heat. We recommend dry cleaning.