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Boilersuit with belt and long sleeves. Inspired by 1950's UN Airforce training suit. 

This piece is made from linen, a natural fibre derived from flax plants. It has been grown, spun, woven and sewn in Europe from the highest quality linen comprised of extra-long fibres. Linen is a very strong fibre that is ideal for long-lasting garments. It has temperature-regulating properties, which means it is breathable in warm weather and retains heat in colder climates. 

Fabric: 100% linen

Buttons: Turtle shell

Drawstring belt: 100% cotton strap: width 3 cm 

Made in Lithuania

Color: Nature

Size 1 (equals 36/38), size 2 (equals 38/40), size 3 (equals 40/42)

Model's height is 176 cm and wearing size 1

We recommend that you keep your garment on a hanger when not in use to avoid creasing and to prolong the life of your garment.

The textile has been pre-washed to prevent shrinkage. Please note that the garment will stretch during wear but shrink back to its original measurements with with washing or dry cleaning. You can wash your linen garment at 30 degrees. Please use a color detergent to prevent fading. You can steam or iron your garment at high heat. Dry cleaning is also recommended.